Chesslike Shelties

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Show dogs

Through the years we have bred Shetland Sheepdogs under three different prefixes - Smashing, Playtime and Chesslike. In total we have owned and made up ? champions, as well as ? cc winners.

If dog buyers are interested in showing their dog, this is highly encouraged - where we often provide ring training events with the local sheltie community, as well as being able to take the buyers with us to actual shows. These events are meant to be social and fun, where good results are simply a bonus.


Puppies and breeding

We breed on a limited scale (only a few litters a year), where we aim for quality above all else - striving for shelties of British type with beautiful expressions, solid construction, good health and family friendly dispositions.

We rely heavily on statistics and weekly photography from birth to determine the potential of a puppy. The most promising puppies are generally not sold, but given to eager families on breeding terms.

Our puppies are usually sold locally in order to follow up on their progress and well being, as well as include them in the local sheltie community.

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Stud Dogs



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Sheltie History

The history behind the breed and its development since its inception in ???? is one we value greatly. Having collected old books, magazines, photos and pedigrees for years, we own a large amount of sheltie history that we wish to both preserve, build upon and share with others.


Articles and guides

In order to contribute to the history of the sheltie, we have written a large range of articles and guides throughout the years - based on historical texts, our own experiences and the expertise shared by fellow breeders.